The Syrian conflict, now in its third year, has left 9.3 million people in need of aid, 4 million displaced, 2 million are now refugees, and 100,000 lives have been lost. The numbers are shocking, as are the stories of those affected. Save the Children recently shared the story of a 2-year-old Syrian girl named Salim. Salim is fighting for her life against near sub-zero temperatures and snow storms in her refugee camp. To stay warm, Salim only has a coat and a snow-covered tent. Without a blanket or a source of heat, she shivers to stay warm through long nights. The horrible conditions that children like Salim face have become a way of life for millions in the area. In particular, children are at the greatest risk. Of the 9.3 million in need of assistance inside Syria, over 3 million are children. Many children and their families have fled Syria, in fact, there are over 1 million children in need of assistance who are now living outside Syria’s borders.


Although there are humanitarian efforts in effect, not all needs are being met. In fact, the majority of displaced Syrians can not be reached, because they are in dangerous areas of fighting. In December alone, the World Food Programme (WFP) delivered rations to 3.8 million people in Syria, but many remain out of reach. In December, the UN launched an appeal for USD $6.5 billion in aid for Syria for 2014. On January 15th, nations from around the world, including: the United States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Norway, and the UK among others, answered the UN by pledging USD $2.4 billion. Although USD $2.4 billion seems like a tremendous number to most of us, it is still USD $4.1 billion short of the UN’s estimated need.


Consider supporting one of the below partners to fulfill the shortfall of aid provided and help as many of the 9.3 million in need as possible.

Save the Children has been working since the beginning of the conflict to help children that have been the forgotten victims of Syria’s horrific war. Today, over 5 million children are in need of assistance, including over 1 million children who have sought refuge in neighboring countries. These children are at risk of becoming a “lost generation” and cannot be ignored. Please sign their petition to Lakhdar Brahimi, United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, and John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State. Let them know you want Syria’s children protected from the horrors of the ongoing war.

Doctors Without Border/MSF has over the past two years, installed six field hospitals and two health centers in the north of Syria. Their medical teams have so far provided 102,828 consultations, 40,052 of which are emergency room cases. Chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are as much a focus for MSF as shrapnel, bomb, and bullet wounds. MSF teams have carried out 4,899 surgical procedures and have assisted pregnant women with 1,516 safe deliveries. MSF also supports more than 80 health facilities throughout Syria. In neighboring countries, MSF has provided 264,265 consultations for Syrian refugees.
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World Food Programme has put food distributions underway, despite logistical difficulties, and in November food was dispatched for 3.4 million people inside Syria. Operations are being scaled up in order to reach more than 4 million this month. WFP is also providing assistance for more than a million refugees in neighboring countries. Syrians face a harsh winter amid civil war for a third consecutive year. Because of the conflict, millions of people have fled their homes, creating a humanitarian crisis in which food is a top priority.
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