This January, has chosen to honor Khusi Hona as the Cause of the Month. The literal meaning of the Hindi word खुशी होना “khuśī honā” means feel happy, “The Feel Happy Orphan Project”.

Khusi Hona supports existing orphanages and children’s homes across the nation of India. The goal of Khusi Hona is to help support homes that help break children from the cycle of poverty into which they were born and treat them with love, dignity, and respect.

Khusi Hona’s secondary objective is to educate and inform Western cultures of the staggering orphan statistics and challenges in India they often don’t even know exists.

Together, Khusi Hona and are impacting lives, protecting these wonderful children, and giving each one a chance to have a happy childhood. Join us this January in supporting Khusi Hona to make the difference in the lives of orphans.

Matthew van Rooyen is the founder of The Khusi Hona Orphan Project Matthew was born in South Africa in 1981. His parents operate a successful international aid organization and ministry. Matthew’s experience includes PR and worldwide branding and marketing in both the private and non-profit sectors. He also has a diverse cultural experience having lived all over the world, from Africa to the U.S, the Mideast, Europe, and more. Matthew’s personal interests include a passion for water sports including competitive stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, surfing and fishing. In mid 2012, Matthew created Khusi Hona to raise funds for orphans across the nation of India through the use of a digital PR and marketing strategy, social campaign, live blog and an e-commerce feature of the charity, the goal of the platform being scalable and eventually being implemented in other nations across the world.