This January, We-Care.com has chosen to honor Khusi Hona as the Cause of the Month. The literal meaning of the Hindi word खुशी होना “khuśī honā” means feel happy, “The Feel Happy Orphan Project”.

Khusi Hona supports existing orphanages and children’s homes across the nation of India. The goal of Khusi Hona is to help support homes that help break children from the cycle of poverty into which they were born and treat them with love, dignity and respect.

Khusi Hona’s secondary objective is to educate and inform Western cultures of the staggering orphan statistics and challenges in India they often don’t even know exists.

Khusi Hona takes a new approach to fundraising. By posting immediate needs, the organization allows their supporters to be involved in a specific project and visualize the impact their donation has. When a specific need meets its fundraising goal, Khusi Hona implements the funds and posts the results in real time through the website, blog, and social media accounts using photos and videos. From need to fulfillment, supporters are involved.


Every time a Khusi Hona supporter spends online at a We-Care.com merchant, Khusi Hona can earn a donation. With over 2,700 We-Care.com merchants, the donation opportunities for Khusi Hona can really add up. We-Care.com merchants include everything from retail, travel, to financial and dating services, and seemingly everything in between. Through We-Care.com, Khusi Hona supporters can book flights and hotels, rent a car, shop for books or clothes, apply for a mortgage, buy furniture and household items, send gifts, pick out a cell phone plan, order web hosting and office supplies, even subscribe to magazines, newspapers, DVD services, and satellite TV and earn a donation for Khusi Hona–at no extra cost!


Together, Khusi Hona and We-Care.com are impacting lives, protecting these wonderful children, and giving each one a chance to have a happy childhood. Join us this January in supporting Khusi Hona to make the difference in the lives of orphans.