It may be -12 degrees outside, but this is what they call the spring semester. If you didn’t do as well as you wanted to the first time around, or you want to keep up the awesomeness, the key to success is doing what works and eliminating what doesn’t. The earlier you prepare, the better off you’ll be!


Promising yourself that you’ll study more is an admirable new year’s resolution, but it’s certainly not the easiest one. In order to motivate yourself, start off by keeping a clean, organized desk. Instead of storing your pens in solo cups, start thinking “like a boss” with this nifty swiveling desk organizer. Everything you need will be in one place, so you’re much less likely to lose anything or get distracted.

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Need a fresh start? One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to put yourself into a different mindset is by changing around your room. Instead of hanging up those same old pictures that you see in everyone else’s dorm, (does anyone even watch Marilyn Monroe or James Dean movies?!) try hanging up something that’s a bit more unique. At Our Campus Market, you can find customized prints of your school’s campus or stadium! Each print features your school’s colors, and you have the option of framing it. There are over 200 maps available, so you can be the coolest Spartan, Tiger, or Sun Devil on campus with these spiffy designs.

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After getting a beautiful new laptop for the holidays, you’ll want to protect that thing like your life depends on it. For just $19.99, you can protect your precious device against viruses and all of that other scary stuff that happens on the “interwebz.” More importantly, you can protect your identity against creepers who have nothing better to do than lurk the campus for someone’s computer to hack into. Webroot has some of the most affordable and trustworthy software that blocks malicious websites and fights against viruses, spyware, phishing, and more.

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