City Harvest provides food for 1 million New Yorkers every year, but the need is even greater during the holidays when families get together and celebrate. In order to meet this huge need (and have a little fun!), City Harvest held a 24-hour Repackathon starting on November 21st. The Repackathon brought together hundreds of volunteers to set a world record by repacking over 200,000 pounds of food.

The team wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to help break a world record, spread some holiday cheer, support a partnered nonprofit, and fight hunger right in our own back yard. But, if we were going to do it, we would have to do it right. First, we’d have to look the part and wear clothes that would keep us warm in an airy warehouse. We know a thing or two about looking good as a group, but this time, we’d need something extra special to represent during a world record attempt.

Some great ideas come to you in the shower or in your dreams, other ideas take brainstorming and debate, but other ideas come to you when you’re browsing the site. We happened to be doing just that when we thought about Lands’ End Business Outfitters. It didn’t take long to decide on the ThermaCheck® 200 Jacket. They were soon in our hands, then on our torsos, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Warm enough for outdoor tree planting, breathable enough for a cool warehouse, with comfort and movement that lets you be as active as you want to be, the Lands’ End jackets were a perfect match. Don’t take my word for it, check out the slideshow above, and decide for yourself!