If you’re a smart consumer, you’ll most likely proceed with caution if you find any sales that seem “too good to be true.” I know that I’m always suspicious whenever I see a store with ridiculously low-priced deals–especially when they’re nowhere near their competition. So, when I came across DealDash, I definitely had my doubts.

As someone who works for We-Care.com, I have to thoroughly review each store before pushing it live on our site. Currently, we have over 2,500 merchants, so I’ve certainly come across stores that I never would have thought existed–ones that sell artistic cows, water created from alternative sources, military-grade security cameras…you name it. When I first went to DealDash.com, I thought it was just your average bidding site. Then, when I went to the closed auctions, I saw that people were buying $50 gift cards for around $5 and electronics for around 75% below the average retail price. A part of me was concerned, but I was mostly intrigued. I had to find out if this was legitimate. Once I discovered how the whole thing worked, I realized that their company philosophy was just really smart, and that’s all there was to it. Here’s how the magic happens:


DealDash understands that you may feel skeptical before you try it, so they offer a full 90-day money back guarantee on your first purchase–regardless of whether you won or lost. You can even keep what you have and continue to use the site!

Now, as awesome as their concept sounds, you have to keep in mind that the word is spreading quickly (hence their fan-base of over 1 million on Facebook alone). You can’t just place one bid and expect to win a sophisticated camera for $5. Yes, it COULD certainly happen, but you have to be smart about it. My advice? If you’re looking for a particular item, monitor the prices of closed auctions to see what you’re up against. Then, check periodically throughout the day, and try to figure when’s the best time to buy it. When you’re ready to go, hold your bids until the last minute. Then…click as fast as you can!

If my advice doesn’t work for you, don’t worry–as you continue to use the site, you’ll come up with your own little tactics to get the best deals possible.

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