If you’re about to enter a long-term relationship with the new iPhone 5s or 5c, you’re going to need to prepare for your future together. Below, I’ve included practical items that will help keep your device protected as well as wacky ones will give it some personality.


Plenty of apps allow you to change the colors of your images, but if you’re tired of the same old filters, there’s something new you can try. MiniInTheBox offers 12 different jelly lenses that start at just $0.89 and include free worldwide shipping! You can choose between lenses that reduce light reflections, blur your surroundings, create fish eye effects, and more.


As much as I love the iPhone, the battery life isn’t exactly one of its perks. The idea of leaving my house without some way to charge my phone just gives me anxiety, so I always have a cable on me. By the time I arrive at work, it’s already tangled up in my bag somewhere. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “First World Problems,” but hey–if there’s an easy fix, why not go for it? You can buy USB bracelets in different colors and patterns at Focalprice, with free worldwide shipping. So there’s one “First World Problem” that’s been solved…


Nowadays, you can get iPhone cases almost anywhere, but most of them don’t actually serve the purpose of protecting your device. They just look snazzy. If you’re like me and suffer from klutz syndrome, you’ll need something that’s like a mini bulletproof vest for your iPhone. Do yourself a favor–purchase an Otterbox case. By protecting your phone with this incredibly durable case, you can also support soldiers who have protected our country. Five percent of every purchase of this case is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.


When you break a mirror, you’re given 7 years of bad luck, but what happens when you break an iPhone screen? Most likely, you’ll suffer with cuts on your fingers until your contract is up. According to a recent survey, nearly a quarter of all iPhone users have a cracked screen! For less than $2, you can protect your screen at Monoprice. My favorite part? It comes in a 3-pack, so if you mess up putting on the first one, you can try again with 2 more. I’ve found that even if you have air bubbles, when you turn your phone on, you don’t even notice them.


There are so many apps to watch TV shows and movies on your iPhone, but viewing them on a small screen can be annoying. If you and your friends want to watch something together, you don’t want to have to crowd around one small device. Instead, find an empty wall and use this mini projector from BuySku! It comes with everything you’ll need–from the tripod to the speaker. It even comes with free shipping!