Unleash your “Inner Artist”


If you’re moving into a dorm, apartment, or brand new house, the best way to make it welcoming is through the decor you choose. Need some inspiration? Browse through–they have hundreds of design layouts, materials, and ideas that can help you turn an empty space into a place you can call your own.


Posters with Designs

For the dorm room

When I was a freshman in college, I put up pictures of my friends from high school in between my band posters. The following year, I moved in with three girls who ended up becoming my best friends. We were incredibly excited to have a suite to share, so we put up photos of our favorite memories in the common room. The pictures added a really nice touch to an otherwise dingy room. As the years went by, we continued to move into new places together. Despite some of our decoration disagreements (I thought the Chuck Norris poster was kind of tacky), we always agreed that personal photos were a requirement for our living space.

If you’re looking to add some personal flair to your dorm, Snapfish has collage poster prints with tons of design options that start at $8.99. All of the posters include high-quality, fade-resistant paper with a matte finish. You can drag and drop up to 30 photos, choose between 44 background colors, add messages, and more. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and guaranteed to make your dorm room look 20x better than before.

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Collage Photo Canvas

For the apartment

As someone who’s currently looking for an apartment in Manhattan, I understand how difficult it it can be to decorate a tiny space that’s even smaller than your old dorm room. I’ve found that it’s not easy making a hole-in-the-wall room feel like home, but it’s not impossible! You just have to know how to utilize the space.

Instead of hanging up multiple decorations, create one powerful piece that stands out. Choose your favorite pictures from when you’ve traveled, such as landmarks or beautiful sunsets. Then, with Snapfish, create your own piece of art that’s just like the image above. Each one is professionally printed on conservation-grade canvas, with HP eco-solvent pigment ink rated to last 70-100 years! You can add up to 15 pictures, but if you’re already crammed in a small space, I suggest using 6 images or less.

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Framed Matted Print

For the home

Looking to fill up some empty wall space? The first step is figuring out what your vision is. If you’re artsy, you can go on a photo shoot and take some pictures of nature or family. If you’re inexperienced, it may look best to focus on one subject in each image. That way, when the photos are hung up next to each other, the wall won’t look too busy.

Pick your top shots, and then head over to Snapfish. Consider purchasing different sized frames and choosing both horizontal and vertical shots to add some character. Want to get really creative? Choose one image, crop out different parts (like a puzzle), and then hang them on the wall. Regardless of the artistic direction you decide to go with, Snapfish’s gallery-quality printing and enhanced matte will make your photos look like they were taken by a professional.

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