Improved Stoves Improve Lives

“We had respiratory problems due to the old kitchen stove, but since I received the improved kitchen (from Heifer) we rarely have problems,” says Feliciana Sanchez Calderon from her home in the village of Marayhuaca in the Lambayeque Region of Peru.“The most important change for our community has been the organization. Now we are working together for a better future.”

This month, the community is joining with Heifer International to help families in rural Peru live healthier lives by providing improved cook stoves. In societies where women are in charge of cooking, thousands suffer and die from obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) caused by hours spent inhaling smoke fumes from cooking fires. Construction and use of improved stoves recovers women’s health and prevents respiratory disease. In addition, improved stoves are good for the environment because they reduce the need for firewood and prevent deforestation. Furthermore, studies indicate that improved stoves empower women, because the efficiency of improved stoves means that women have more time for themselves to spend as they choose.

Improved Stoves Improve Lives
A mother and daughter using their improved stove in Peru (photo by Darcy Kiefel)

You can help us reach our goal of $9,900, which will provide improved stoves to 33 families. In Peru, Heifer has already helped women like Feliciana (pictured below with her family) to provide a healthier, safer home for their families. Create your account and help us bring healthier lives to families in Peru!

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