The two dogs pictured below, Charlize and Oreo, were rescued earlier this month by our August Cause of the Month, Pilots N Paws. The pair’s journey began as they were picked up from animal control in Newman, GA by volunteers. The two pups were then taken to a small airport where they met their pilot and transporter for the day, Gary Shepard. The volunteer pilot flew Charlize and Orea from Georgia to Greenville, SC where they now face a brighter future at Boston Terrier Rescue of SC.

Gary wrote about the experience, his first with Pilots N Paws, “Oreo was too big to fit in a crate so he was allowed to lay on the back seat of the plane. He was very excited and rowdy but as soon as the engine started he laid down and didn’t move again until we landed. Charlize was very timid during the whole experience but also very sweet, one look from those big brown eyes and I was reminded why PnP and all those involved are doing such a wonderful thing.”

The relocation and rescue would not have been possible without the Pilots N Paws organization, the pilot Gary Shepard, and the owner of Fly Away Aviation, Mark Rogers, who graciously donated the use of his plane. This incredible tale is just one of the thousands of stories of rescue made possible by our August Cause of the Month, Pilots N Paws.

charlize and oreo
photo (2)
oreo asleep in the back

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