The time has finally come! You’re ready to part ways with those annoying twin XL sheets and go into the shower without wearing flip flops. Now that you’re going to be living off campus, you’ll want your new place to look a lot nicer than a dingy dorm room. It’s going to be a big transition for you, but an exciting one nonetheless.


Do you still have that old laptop that weighs 15 pounds and locks up every other minute? It’s time for an upgrade — especially since you’ll be commuting with it often. The Inspiron 15R is only a little over an inch wide, and it’s lighter than previous Dell models. It includes the new Windows 8 operating system, which has especially been catered to the touchscreen technology specially built into the system. Best of all, it has a spill-resistant keyboard, so it won’t turn into the disaster of a computer that you have right now. Shop now at Dell >>

Stackable Bowls


You suffered from cafeteria food long enough. It’s time to put those Pinterest recipes to the test…or at least have some microwavable bowls to cook Ramen Noodles as backup. At CB2, they sell these colorful microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe bowls for only $4.95 each. Since they’re stackable, they’ll save some room in your cabinets, which leaves you with one less thing to argue about with your roommates. Shop now at CB2 >>


Between early classes and late night cram sessions, coffee has become an absolute necessity. If you buy a very basic, small cup of coffee every day, you’ll be spending over $60 every month! Rather than wasting your money (or time you can be sleeping in), you can now make a cup of your own, just the way you like it, in your own kitchen. In under two minutes, you can fill your tumbler and head out the door. Since Keurig machines are especially made for serving one person, you don’t have to waste any extra coffee (or money). Shop now at QVC >>

Donovan Student Desk


I don’t mean to be a “Negative Nancy,” but if you think you can get any work done without a desk, you’re just lying to yourself. Trying to study while lying on your bed or couch is just a recipe for disaster. Or a movie. Or a nap. Or anything that doesn’t involve studying. The point is, you need one in order to be productive. For just $49.99, you can get this easy-to-assemble desk. It ships in 1-3 days or you can pick it up in store. Shop now at OfficeMax >>

Dazzle Branch Hook

Pier 1

Now that you’re out of that shoebox-sized dorm room, you don’t need to just throw your coat in any space you have available. You can actually find a nice place to hang it. This cute hook not only serves a purpose, but it also adds a little bit of flair to the room. Now when guests visit, you’ll be receiving compliments during rainy and chilly weather. Shop now at Pier 1 >>


Meet your new best friend: the Crock-Pot. Just add a few of your favorite ingredients, such as meat, potatoes, and peppers, and let it sit for a few hours as you do homework (or procrastinate). You’ll have a hearty meal prepared for yourself for tonight, and for the rest of the week, without putting in much effort at all! Shop now at Dillard’s >>

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