1. Send an Email

A dedicated email has proven to be the most successful strategy for getting the word out about We-Care.com. Send an email to your staff, board, volunteers, and supporters letting them know about the We-Care.com app, and the opportunity they have to generate a donation for your organization and save money at over 2,500 online merchants. Ask people to visit http://{yoursubdomain}.we-care.com/GetStarted to create and account, download the app, and begin supporting you in a whole new way! Some of our favorite examples come from the National Autism Association, and the Arizona Humane Society.

2. Include a Newsletter Feature

Maybe you’ve already send a dedicated email, or you don’t have the bandwidth to devote an entire email to your We-Care.com partnership. A feature in your next newsletter can be a great way to reach your supporters and remind them about We-Care.com. Let subscribers to your newsletter know that this is a fun tool that can save them money while supporting your organization. Our favorite examples of newsletter features comes from the ASPCA, and Breastcancer.org.

3. Post to Facebook

Facebook is becoming a more valuable asset every year for nonprofit organizations to engage with their supporters, stay front of mind, and keep your community up to date on programs, campaigns, and needs. Social media, especially Facebook, can be a great way to let people know that they can use your We-Care.com app to generate donations for your organization and save them money at over 2,500 online merchants. Let your Facebook community know to visit http://{yoursubdomain}.we-care.com/GetStarted to create and account and download the app! Our favorite examples of successful Facebook posts come from Save the Children and the ASPCA.

4. Tweet it!

Sometimes it only takes 140 characters to let people know about We-Care.com, and how they can join in. Ask a question, “Are you supporting us with @WeCare? http://{yoursubdomain}.we-care.com/GetStarted,” let people know about a category, “Remember to book your #summer #travel through a @WeCare merchant & support us at http://{yoursubdomain}.we-care.com/category/travel,” or just have fun, “Attention {Organization Name} Shoppers! Now you can use the @WeCare app to earn donation as your shop online! http://{yoursubdomain}.we-care.com/GetStarted”

5. Share Your Deal of the Day

Every day, we email one of the best donation-earning deals from our network of over 2,500 online merchants. Whether it’s a fun new iPhone accessory, 50% off kidswear sale, a Buy One, Get One shoe steal, or coupon for school supplies, these fun and easy deals are pre-written for social media. All you have to do is post to Facebook or Twitter. Any time someone clicks the link included in the post and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a donation! Did you know there is also a Deal of the Day page on our blog that updates everyday? Are you not recieving the Deal of the Day? Send an email to dnord@we-care.com and we’ll make sure you get on the list!

6. Write a Blog Post

Write a blog post to let people know how they can sign up for We-Care.com, what kinds of deals they might get, what stores they can shop at, or how much your organization has already raised through We-Care.com. We love this post from the AIDS Research Alliance.

7. Submit a Guest Blog Post

Earlier this year, we rolled out a guest blogger platform. Any We-Care.com partner can now submit a post to be published on our blog and shared through our social media platforms. These are a great way for your organization to gain exposure to We-Care.com’s community of cause supporters and share with your own followers. Check out all the amazing submissions we’ve had already on the We-Care.com blog. To submit your guest blog post, email 200-1000 words with images to dnord@we-care.com with the subject GUEST BLOG SUBMISSION.

8. Share Your Success

Every month, We-Care.com sends you an email that includes the amount your organization has generated through We-Care.com. Whether this amount is $.50 or $500.00, letting supporters know how the program is doing can make them feel invested and motivate them to get this number even higher. Look at how the Arizona Humane Society lets their followers know about an upcoming @WeCare donation on Twitter.

9. Add A We-Care.com Section to Your Website

Even as email, social media, and peer to peer fundraising becomes more important, your website is still the cornerstone to your online presence. Building a We-Care.com section on your website will let visitors know about another way to support your organization; plus, you can link back to this section when you post on social media or write a newsletter blurb. We love how Cancer101 included We-Care.com on their website in a section called “Retail Therapy.”

10. Share a Landing Page

Throughout the year, We-Care.com creates landing pages that are relevant to the current retail calendar. These pages are made to be easily shared by your organization just as your online mall is. Right now, our “Back to College” landing page is a great resource, as nearly everyone is connected to someone going back to college. Visit and share the “Back to College” landing page now!