On any major news source Sierra Leone is rarely discussed. A nation that has been ravaged by rebel terrorists is never even brought up in the conversation.

In a sense, Sierra Leone has become a forgotten nation. This is problematic because the effects of the Civil War in Sierra Leone continue to persist. Over 20,000 individuals in Sierra Leone have been left limbless; having had their appendages hacked off by the rebel groups.

The source of this conflict—Blood Diamonds.

In the efforts to gain control of the local diamond trade, the rebel terrorists have killed, wounded and mutilated thousands of innocent civilians.

Hands for Africa acknowledges the devastating effects of the blood diamond trade on the people of Sierra Leone. Our objective is the empower amputees with the tools to realize a sustainable and brighter future.

We, as an organization, support the hundreds of women, children and men that have been maimed by machetes or explosive devices. We provide amputees with prosthetic limbs that allow the victims to gain self-reliance. We also provide these civilians with educational scholarships, microfinance loans, and clean water wells.


Among the thousands of individuals that have been wounded is five year-old Santigi Conteh. At just three years old Santigi lost his legs. Santigi was playing in a nearby field when a mine exploded beneath him. Shortly after his incident, Hands for Africa was introduced to Santigi while he was being cared for at a rehabilitation center. Unable to walk, Hands for Africa made it a priority to provide the young child with two prosthetic legs. Since receiving these prosthetics, Santigi’s development has been successful. Hands for Africa has additionally been able to provide Santigi with a full educational scholarship ensuring that he will have hope for a bright future. Our objective is to multiply success storied like Santigi’s by providing the necessary help to accelerate recovery.


Hands for Africa strives to bring Sierra Leone back into the conversation. These people cannot be forgotten and the conflict diamond trade cannot persist. The donations generated through We-Care.com will provide the innocent victims in Sierra Leone with prosthetics, educational scholarships and clean water wells to ensure a brighter and better future.

You can support Hands for Africa through We-Care.com at http://handsforafrica.we-care.com/getstarted

Sameen Ahmadnia is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. She has a B.A. in Political Science and she specializes in International Relations and the Middle East. Currently she works with Hands for Africa in the Fundraising and Marketing Department. She hopes to attend law school in the fall.