This earth day we’ve collected our top 10 tips for saving energy, money, protecting the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint. We’re also taking a second to consider 10 great nonprofit organizations that are working tirelessly to protect our planet, and its resources. We hope you join us in making a commitment to be more eco-friendly today, and support a green cause!

10 Earth Day Tips

1. Install CFLs.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) use much less energy once turned on than their incandescent counterparts. Learn more.

2. Use less water.

Spend a day thinking about every time you use water, when we shower, use the bathroom, wash the dishes, do laundry, brush our teeth, or wash our hands. According to, on average Americans use 176 gallons of water a day; the average African only uses 5. Learn more.

3. Ditch the bottle.

Plastic water bottles account for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste every year. Drink from the tap, or buy a water filter to save money and save the planet.

4. Upgrade your appliances.

Look for the Energy Star label when buying or replacing your old appliances. These Energy Star products are held to an energy efficient standard that will save you money on your electric bill, and reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Walk, bike, take public transportation, or carpool to work.

According to report by American Forests, 8,320 pounds of CO2 is used per vehicle per year in America. Every time you choose a greener way of getting their you are putting less CO2 into the air, plus choose an active alternative and you’ll be healthier than ever before.

6. Reusable shopping bags.

Americans use an estimated 102 billion plastic shopping bags every year. These bags are wasteful to create, and even worse most often they end up in our landfills and oceans. Next time you are headed to market or the mall, grab a reusable bag. There are tons of great options available so you’ll look good doing it too!

7. Unplug.

When you aren’t using appliances and electronics unplug them as they are can still zap electricity even when off. Another great tip, turn your computer off at night and unplug the wall charger – rebooting your computer can even help it run faster!

8. Reuse.

They’re are so many opportunities to reuse or re-purpose some of the things that are commonly thrown away. From plastic bags and bottles to clothes and newspapers, get creative and keep more waste out of landfills!

9. Shop locally and organic.

Whenever you make a choice to buy food that is either organic or local you are making a more eco-friendly decision. Commercial farming practices although successful in producing huge amounts of food, are wasteful in more ways than one. But the problem only starts at the farm, it continues in the transportation of that food product. In fact, the average American meal travels 1,200 miles before it arrives on your plate. Organize a family organic dinner night, or spend a lazy Sunday shopping at a farmer’s market – fun!

10. Plant a tree.

This is a classic. Grab the family and go plant a tree. Everyone will come away with a better appreciation for nature, and you’ll be offsetting your carbon emission.

10 Earth Day Heros

Clean Water Action works to protect America’s clean and safe water now, and for the future.

2. Everybody Solar

Everybody Solar works to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects. By providing solar power to local charities, they help reduce electricity costs and direct limited resources to the communities served. They want current and future generations to have equal access to essential social services while living on a thriving and sustainable planet.

3. Green Wave

Green Wave raises eco-awareness through means of campaigns, workshops, events, collaborations, eco-voluntour retreats, and personal example.

4. Green Works in Kansas City

Green Works in Kansas City works to educate and involve urban high school students in the environmental movement of Kansas City.

5. Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group works to make a difference and help to keep you and your family safe.

6. Nature Abounds

Nature Abounds works to bring people together for a healthy planet, educating and empowering citizens to sustain their community through environmental stewardship.

7. Southern Sustainable Resources

Southern Sustainable Resources funds programs that protect our nation’s air, water, health, land, and wildlife.

8. Western Resource Advocates

Western Resource Advocates protects the West’s land, air, and water.

9. Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc.

Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc. provides parrot rescue’s for relinquished, abandoned, abused or neglected parrots that have lost their homes.

10. One More Generation

One More Generation works to preserve ALL endangered species.

Dylan Nord works with nonprofits to maximize fundraising through Working with partners like the ASPCA, the National Autism Association, Save the Children, and Clean Water Action, Dylan has helped supporters raise over $4.6 million dollars through Dylan believes that small deeds can add up, that we all have a responsibility to do good, and that technology is creating collaboration that will change the world. Dylan holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York.