Hounds and Heroes receives 31K Grant which will be used to fund multiple charities and two programs for Veterans, job placement and service/therapy dogs.

We-Care.com, a leading provider of philanthropic technology, empowers users to take shopping, booking travel, and doing taxes online into a means to donate to a favorite organization. With over 2,700 online retailers participating, In a single month of online shopping, Hounds and Heroes was able to earn $31,179.51 by users who chose this organization as their cause to support. Launched in 2008, We-Care.com is a team of internet marketers and technologists who believe one can succeed while doing good deeds for others. Partners Kevin Lee and Dave Pasternack are successful "serial entrepreneurs".

Hounds and Heroes will continue this pay it forward model by sharing a portion of the funds with… www.all32in17.com and one of their wounded warrior ambassadors at a Press Event Sponsored at Dave and Busters, NY, New York-Times Square 234 W. 42nd St. New York , NY – 10036

President and CEO, Jill Pavel says “The balance of the funding will support Hound and Heroes new initiative to provide grants to Veterans pre-9/11 needing our help acquiring service and therapy dogs. This will perpetuate saving two lives, a Veteran and an animal housed currently housed at a Rescue org. Hounds and Heroes will also be launching a Job Placement Service, recently partnering with the www.theusfl.net to provide jobs in the 8 league locations currently under development.”

Contact: Jill Pavel President & CEO

(732) 423-2070 Hounds and Heroes