Pamper yourself with Avon


It doesn’t matter if you have a Valentine this year. All women, regardless of their relationship status, deserve to treat themselves to a “Spa Day” every once in a while. So whether you want to look your best for a romantic date, or you just want to look good for yourself, Avon has everything you need for a full-on pampering session.

Step 1: Take a bubble bath

Valentine's Roast

When was the last time you took a bubble bath? Actually, when was the last time you took a bath in general, instead of a rushed shower? It’s time to immerse yourself in some foamy goodness with the Three’s A Charm Lemon Sugar 3-in-1 Cleanser by mark. As the product’s name indicates, it can be used in three different ways: as a bubble bath mix, a body wash, or even a shampoo! Just squeeze the bottle for a rich, silky lather and then blissfully soak in it until your fingers look like prunes.

Step 2: Change your hair

Valentine's Roast

Have you ever thought about dying your hair, but haven’t gone any further than daydreaming about the idea? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be a little more daring. You can even go for a new look without dying your entire head.

Idea #1: Tie up the tips of your hair with rubber bands and only dye the bottom.

Idea #2: Pin up the top layer of your hair in a clip, and dye the remaining hair in the bottom layer. Once it dries, you’ll have a nice shadow effect that gives you just enough change without being too drastic.

Valentine's Roast

You don’t have to spend $100 on a professional facial – you can give yourself one for less than $6 in your own home! As you’re waiting for your hair dye to sink in (see step #2), apply this deep treatment mask and wait for it to harden. Once it does, you can wash it off. You’ll notice a cool, fresh feeling on your face along with incredibly soft skin! Along with the mask’s exfoliation perks, it also fights against blackheads. By purchasing this product, you’re pretty much offering yourself a win-win situation.

Step 4: Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

Valentine's Roast

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I have too many nail polishes”? What a silly, rhetorical question! The thing is, many of us have a variety of shades to paint with, but they end up chipping in less than 24 hours. The NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel polish will keep your nails both strong and pretty with any shimmering, sheer, or snazzy color that you choose. If you’re looking for something traditional, try the Sheer Lilac, Pastel Pink, or Barefoot Beige. Do you want something that’ll pop out? Try the Sunshine or Watermelon. Ready to sparkle? I suggest Noir Emerald, Golden Wine, or Ruby Slippers. Do you all of the above? Then you’re in luck. Right now, you can get any three polishes for only $10!

Valentine's Roast

After you’ve purchased all of the products you need for your “Spa Day” in, don’t forget to pick up some lipstick! As long as your purchase is $10 or more, you can add Totally Kissable Lipstick to your cart for just $0.99! Now, when you head out the door, you will look stunning after all of your treatments and have a relaxed state of mind.