We-Care.com recently teamed up with We Are Family Foundation to further the vision of a global family. With this new partnership, your online shopping, travel booking, or even doing your taxes can create and support programs that inspire and educate the next generation about respect, understanding, and cultural diversity. That’s the power of We-Care.com: turning something as simple as shopping online into support to solve some of the biggest global problems today through partnerships with groups like the We Are Family Foundation.

WAFF Stats

To kick off this new partnership, We-Care.com is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the We Are Family Foundation Celebration Gala 2.0. This Gala event will celebrate everything We Are Family Foundation has accomplished last year. Adam Lambert, one of our favorite performers, will be at the Gala to perform and help celebrate 2012. In addition to his performance and attendance at the Gala, Adam has also agreed to donate his birthday this year to the We Are Family Foundation. He is asking fans and supporters to sign his birthday card and leave their birthday wishes for him along with a donation for this cause.


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