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When Superstorm Sandy devastated the east coast, people, businesses, and groups stood up and banded together to help in any way they could- oftentimes going beyond their intended mission or purpose to meet a need of their community. As a group that works with hundreds of nonprofits, felt compelled to contribute to the relief and recovery efforts of our own community and partners. So by featuring 11 nonprofit organizations to feature as November’s Cause of the Month, we offered our users the opportunity to support a mix of global, national, and local causes that had dedicated their resources to helping those affected by the storm. We were blown away by the support of our shoppers, who together raised over $30,000 to be donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief.


Featured as a Hurricane Sandy Relief Cause of the Month, World Vision received $3,302.72 in donations to aid their relief efforts. Since Superstorm Sandy made landfall, World Vision was ready with emergency supplies for areas hit hardest. Their teams quickly sent several hundred blankets and emergency kits from their Texas storehouse to be distributed to families affected by the disaster. World Vision also sent three rapid assessment teams to New New York, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia to assess need.


World Vision continued support by providing cold-weather clothing, blankets, food, and other supplies to children and families struggling to stay warm in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. In the final stages of recovery, World Vision provided temporary mattresses to the displaced. These memory foam mattresses made with a medical grade nylon water and anti microbial barrier were lightweight and could be picked up and moved easily making them a perfect solution for those living with their home.

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