On January 7th, 2012 at noon Pacific Time, We-Care.com (@Wecare) will launch its first #MillionDimes $100,000 Charity Challenge. The launch will happen live in Las Vegas at the New Media Expo / NMX (formerly BlogWorld) as well as during CES (The Consumer Electronics Show), and, of course, online. The Twitterverse will decide how $100K in donations is allocated; every qualifying tweet counts as one vote and earns $.10 for charity, up to $1,000 per charity. The faster the tweets come in, the faster We-Care.com’s million dimes are distributed. So, speed is key for causes and their supporters.

Bryan Cockerham, General Manager of We-Care.com said: “Social Media is a great way for us to see which causes have the highest support levels, so we decided to launch the #MillionDimes Charity Challenge to get people tweeting.” The added benefit to all causes will be the increased visibility these causes get as their supporters go about voting with their tweets and getting their friends to do the same.

We-Care.com has proven that pennies, dimes, and dollars add up by generating and donating over $4.6 million using its cause marketing platform.

Charities interested in getting their piece of the $100,000 need only make sure that they have been registered by a supporter or staffer at www.We-Care.com/MillionDimes. Then, on January 7th at 12PM PST, they will need to make sure their Twitter followers know that for every qualifying tweet, $.10 will be donated to their charity. Charities can even cooperate to double their donation. When one charity tweets another charity’s handle, they can both get a dime.

It’s simple. For a tweet to be valid it must:

  1. Include the @Wecare handle
  2. Include the handle of a @charity that is registered by a supporter or charity representative during the promotion. If a charity tweets or retweets and includes another charity handle, both charities get their “dime.”
  3. Tweeter must be following @Wecare (this will be verified during the tweet validation period after the promotional period ends and the validation period begins)

For more information, visit www.We-Care.com/MillionDimes

About We-Care.com: Founded in 2003, We-Care.com is a cause marketing technology platform that empowers nonprofit causes and their supporters to generate revenue through cause marketing. To-date, We-Care.com has raised over $4,600,000 for causes large and small without costing the supporters or causes a penny.