Every year, since its inception in 1987, December 1st marks World AIDS Day. Today people around the world join in an effort to raise awareness for one of the largest pandemics facing our planet today, HIV/AIDS. Currently, over 33 million people live with HIV, and AIDS has claimed nearly as many lives. In fact, the disease is responsible for the loss of another 8,000 lives everyday. The worldwide HIV/AIDS situation can at best be interpreted as critical, but more often can seem hopeless. The global HIV/AIDS pandemic has now grown to such a scale that in order for us to overcome and eradicate the disease, it will require innovation, worldwide response, and the generosity of us all.

In an effort to do our part, and join in the fight against this pandemic, We-Care.com has chosen to honor the AIDS Research Alliance as our December Cause of the Month. Joining in the World AIDS Day movement today, we begin a month long campaign to help raise money for AIDS/HIV research to find a cure. Throughout December, our Cause of the Month will highlight an organization that is on the forefront of HIV/AIDS research towards a cure. The AIDS Research Alliance was the first organization to claim it is possible to cure HIV/AIDS, and they have tirelessly worked to realize their claim as a reality. To date, this organization has contributed to half of today’s HIV/AIDS treatments, and they are now developing a new generation of cure-focused treatments. Organizations like our December Cause of the Month, AIDS Research Alliance, desperately need our help to raise and deliver the funds to meet the needs of scientists and doctors fighting everyday in medical facilities to find a cure.

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Research, testing, and medical science experiments to move forward the fight for a cure are expensive, and one of the most important things a supporter can contribute is dollars and cents. With the help of our users, We-Care.com hopes to raise over $20,000 for the AIDS Research Alliance during the month of December. We hope to prove that with the small steps of many, giant leaps can be made. We hope the donations earned through We-Care.com allow the AIDS Research Alliance to continue breaking new ground. Finally, we hope that you’ll join us in the battle against this disease, and shop in support of the AIDS Research Alliance.

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing the stories of hope, survival, and loss from those affected by HIV/AIDS. We’ll bring you the news of cutting edge research being done to find what may be the only acceptable solution to HIV/AIDS, a cure. And lastly, we’ll deliver a variety of ways for our followers to get involved, donate, and support the fight against HIV/AIDS.