Through November, has dedicated our Cause of the Month to helping our partners who are committed to the recovery and relief of hurricane Sandy. Please continue to check in throughout the month as we update you on the progress of these efforts, and bring you stories from the front lines of disaster relief. If you would like to join the campaign, and shop in support of Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief, click here.

As Sandy hit the east coast, the ASPCA was on the scene providing pet supplies, veterinary care, and animal rescue where needed. In the days immediately following the storm, the ASPCA relief teams bravely went into affected areas to save helpless animals. These critical moments created lasting and emotional stories. Among these are the stories of the land and water rescue of 30 dogs and cats on Friday, November 2, the reunion of displaced storm victims, Leann and Manny Rivera, with their dog and three cats, and an ASPCA photographer stepping in to foster an 11-month old dog named Hazel after her owners were unable to care for her having been displaced by the storm. The ASPCA continues to provide care and supplies to shelters where many people have come with their pets to seek refuge from power outages and dangerous living conditions. They are also working to foster those animals lost in the storm and reunite them with their owners. In addition to shopping in support of the ASPCA through, you can donate directly to the ASPCA’s Sandy recovery efforts here.

Save the Children was prepared to do their part after Sandy hit the coast. With a breadth of experience in meeting disaster relief needs both in the Northeast of the United States and around the world, they were ready to respond and address children’s needs in the region. From rescue teams to shelter provisions, Save the Children took responsibility for helping those children affected by this storm. In the coming days, weeks, and months Save the Children will continue to provide support to those families and children in need. In addition to shopping in support of Save the Children through, you can donate directly to the Save the Children’s Sandy recovery efforts here.

Long Island was among one of the hardest hit areas of the Northeast. Sandy left thousands without power, in danger, and displaced from their homes all across Long Island. As the storm made landfall, Island Harvest started working directly with government officials, first responders, and local relief agencies to distribute water and nonperishable food. Since then, they have distributed tens of thousands of sandwiches, water, and nonperishable food items, including cereal, peanut butter, and shelf-stable canned goods. In the coming weeks and months, the need for food will continue as families and people remain displaced and without work or access to food. In addition to shopping in support of Island Harvest through, you can learn about the other ways to help Island Harvest’s Sandy recovery efforts here.

Move for Hunger has stepped in to assist communities in New Jersey. They began to mobilize in the form of fundraising teams, both digital and in-person, in an effort to meet the seemingly insurmountable needs of the NJ coast. Like Island Harvest, Move for Hunger will continue to rely heavily on volunteers, donations, and drives to meet the needs of their community. In addition to shopping in support of Move For Hunger through, you can learn about the other ways to help Move For Hunger’s Sandy recovery efforts here.

Although the Afya Foundation usually asks for donations to support their work in Haiti and African nations, after Sandy hit they put together a drive to help those affected throughout the Greater New York area. They are collecting water, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, diapers, baby wipes, school supplies, new socks, blankets, linens, jackets, hats, gloves, backpacks, suitcases, garbage bags, brooms, mops, buckets, cleaning supplies, shovels, extension cords (waterproof), rain jackets, personal hygiene pngroducts, vitamin supplements (including Pedialyte and Ensure), glucometers, strips and lancets. In addition to shopping in support of Afya Foundation through, you can learn about other ways to help Afya Foundation’s Sandy recovery efforts here.

To help persons who have lost income or incurred unexpected household expenses as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Modest Needs has launched a special ‘Hurricane Relief’ grant program. For those who qualify, the Modest Needs Hurricane Sandy Relief Grant will provide payment for the cost of one month’s rent or mortgage up to a maximum of $1,500.00, significantly reducing the burden of the ‘lost paycheck’ or unexpected expense of the qualified applicants’ household. In addition to shopping in support of Modest Needs through, you can learn more about their special Hurricane Sandy Relief Grant here.