It’s the most wonderful time of year – and no, we don’t mean the winter holidays! We’re referring to the changing leaves, the pumpkin pies, and best of all – Halloween! Now that October has hit, it’s time to start preparing for the decorations, the trick-or-treating, and the costumes.

Metal Pumpkin and Gourd Holders

Pumpkin picking can be fun, but the thought of having a rotting pumpkin sit in your house is spooky (not the type of scare that you intended). Don’t let that discourage you from decorating for the occasion! At Colorful images, you can buy this elegant display without having to worry about its upkeep. The pumpkin was created with a perfect shape, and it’s spider-like display offers additional flair. You can even buy smaller versions of it too! Consider purchasing a regular-sized version and surround it with two mini-versions for a completed look.

Don’t trick-or-treat with plastic bags! Candy can easily fall through, and even worse, it’s not good for the environment. You can reuse this jack-o-lantern tote every year – after all, it matches any costume. It’s hard to recognize people when they’re in their costumes, so the personalization comes in handy when the kids are having trouble recognizing their friends. This precious pumpkin candy container is sold at Lillian Vernon.

PEANUTS® Halloween Tote Bag

Leave it to Linus to search for the Great Pumpkin – you don’t want to miss this year’s festivities! Trick-or-Treat with this PEANUTS® Halloween Tote Bag, sold exclusively at Current Catalog. The tote has soft nylon made with cotton lining, perfect for holding all of your favorite candies. Just remember -if you’re dressing up as Charlie Brown, make sure to tell your neighbors that you don’t want any rocks!

Red Power Ranger Costume

Chances are, your little one already likes pretending to be a Power Ranger during the other 364 days of the year. Let him embrace his Mighty Morphin power with this officially licensed attire. The costume comes with a special mask and belt, but the best part is the padding on the arms and torso, which gives him the look of super-strength. Just when you thought the costume couldn’t be any more epic, consider this idea – when you receive the package, bring your little man into the room and rip it open as the Power Ranger theme song plays in the background. He’ll be forever grateful. You can buy the Red Ranger costume at Halloween-Mall, an Unbeatable Sale brand.